Why GoTo

Your One Stop Shop for Getting Anywhere in the City and Beyond

Multimodal vehicle sharing service provider
Let's catch up!
Are you planning to be in Tel Aviv or London soon? We'd love to connect!
Move Conference, ExCel, London, the UK
Feb 11-12
Our COO Shirly Kalush will participate in a panel "What is the role of the future mobility in the development of a transportation strategy"
Our services are live in 20+ cities in Israel and Malta |
Bypass traffic
In super cool cars
Travel with comfort
Stay fit
One app to ride them all
Ride with style
On magical electric scooters
With awesome bikes
On joyful kick-scooters
With us, you're good to go!
GoTo is your one stop shop for getting anywhere in the city and beyond. Whether it's sunny or rains outside, whether you need to travel close or a long way, we've got you covered. Enjoy our cars, mopeds, bikes and kick-scooters, all from one app and under one membership.
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