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The Language of Vehicle Sharing

As any other industry, vehicle sharing talks a language that is not 100% clear to newcomers. Since we have been welcoming lots of new players who do not necessarily understand our jargon, we opened this industry glossary which we intend to maintain on a regular basis.
Updated on Jan 20-2019

A2A, Round Trip – a trip type which starts and ends in the same location

A2B, One Way – a trip type which starts in one location and ends in another one predetermined location

A2Z, FF (Free Floating), Trip to Anywhere – a trip which can finish in any location within a predefined territory

Back office, Operator's control center – a multi-functional (usually web-based) component of a vehicle sharing platform used by sharing operators to manage all vehicle and user related operations

CRM – Customer Relationship Management module embedded is in vehicle sharing platform's control center

Consumer vehicle/car sharing service, consumer vehicle/car sharing – vehicle sharing available to any consumer holding a valid driving license

Dashboard – vehicle sharing platform functionality provided via Business Intelligence tool and enabling operators to visually access vehicles and trips status

Exclusive fleet – a pool of vehicles within a consumer vehicle sharing pool available only to employees of a subscribed enterprise

Corporate vehicle/car sharing, Enterprise vehicle/car sharing – dedicated vehicle sharing service available only to employees of a subscribed enterprise, with the ability to control and manage their own drivers/departments/fleets etc.

Fleet Management Platform – vehicle sharing platform functionality enabling operators to manage vehicle fleets via back office


Kick-scooter, electric kick-scooter - a vehicle with a handle bar and a scateboard-like deck on which a person stands when travels. Electric kick-scooters do not require a person to push the ground all the time. Kick scooters are often called Scooters which confuses them with another type of vehicle (see below "Scooter")

Moped - a light motorcycle, can be electric, popular in Europe and mainly called there "scooter"

Operator, vehicle sharing operator – a company running public or enterprise car sharing service

Operator's Owned Fleet – a fleet of vehicles used for sharing services, owned and/or leased by a sharing operator

P2P, Peer to Peer, Crowdsourced Fleet – private vehicles (not belonging to or leased by an operator), which are equipped and serviced according to the operator's standards and used for sharing services

Polygon, geofencing, operational area - a predefined geographical area in which vehicles are allowed to be driven and dropped off unconditionally


Stopover – a paused reservation, when a vehicle is not being driven but is still reserved under the user. Stopover usually applies to A2B and A2Z trips, needs to be forced by a user via the app and is normally charged differently from the driving/riding rate

Scooter, electric scooter - a confusing term, since in Europe it usually refers to small motorcycles, aka mopeds and in USA the term is usually referred to electric kick-scooters (e.g. Xiaomi operated by Bird)

Telematics – a hardware in-vehicle unit that connects it to the vehicle sharing platform

User app, mobile app – a mobile consumer-facing app (iOS and Android) for users subscribed to a sharing operator services

User Management – vehicle platform functionality provided via CRM and enabling operators keep user records

Vehicle Sharing Service(s) – sharing service(s) which vehicle sharing operator sells to users. The services combine software functionality as well as vehicles, parking and other items making vehicle sharing possible

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