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GoTo Mobility is a white label Mobility as a Service (MaaS) software powering vehicle sharing services in 13 cities across the globe. Our multi-purpose platform allows mobility operators to launch any type of vehicle sharing business model and run consumer or corporate vehicle sharing services based on any type of trip - one way, free floating or round trip.
Determine types of trips
Consumer or Enterprise
Define your customers
Select fleet source
Open your vehicle sharing service
Choose vehicle type
Free Floating, One Way, Round Trip
Your Own or Peer to Peer
Gasoline or Electric
Start operating
We provide you with a complete solution, including end-user apps, back office to manage your operations and in-vehicle hardware. Everything localized to your markets and branded according to your brand book. If you already have parts of the system, you won't need to switch, we will integrate with them.
Accelerate motion
Use our platform to mix and match different types of trips and fleets to serve consumers or enterprises
You can rely on us. We are more than just a tech company, we will work with you to optimize operations and grow your business
Start with hundreds of vehicles and grow to thousands, the platform will scale as your operations grow exponentially
Gain competitive edge and be ahead of the market. Our platform constantly evolves based on usage data and demand
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