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As a part of the Ecomotion Community, GoTo hosted a series of interviews with selected industry leaders at the latest Smart Mobility Summit. You can watch all of them here.
Next Steps for the Smart Mobility Initiative in Israel

Dr. Anat Lea Bonsten is a Chairman and Director of the Smart Mobility Initiative at the Israel Prime Minister's office. Together with her team, Anat had given an initial boost to the mobility ecosystem in Israel, now they are working towards transitioning it to the deployment stage.
Can Autonomous Traffic Blend with Human One?

Yuval Carmi, an Urban Economist and the Head of BA at Gett, is not sure if autonomous cars roll out will go as smoothly as some predict. Actually, he envisions quite a negative scenario. However, he also has a good idea how to change things for better.
Waze: Yes We Can! Yes We Pool!

Gai Berkovich is a Chief Operating Officer at Waze, the navigator company, which is also a carpool platform now. Gai talks about the company's journey, vision and some fun things he has got to do at work. [This content is in Hebrew]
Maniv Mobility Fund: Making Mobility Smarter

Backed by BMW, Hyundai, Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi, Shell and other OEM leader, Maniv Mobility fund is exclusively investing into mobility space. Michael Granoff, the fund's managing partner, speaks about his own mobility journey and the fund's vision.

Preventing Future Autonomous Threats

Autonomous cars will be a huge temptation for hackers (well, they already are). How can companies developing self-driving technologies protect all of us from possible exploits? Helen Buchumensky, Director of the Project Management Office at Karamba Security, answers these questions.
The Bird's-Eye View on Micromobility in Israel

As a General Manager of Bird Israel, Yaniv Rivlin is the one who introduced shared micromobility to Israelis. What were the main lessons learned in the past year and how high is Bird going to fly? [This content is in Hebrew]
How to Sell your Urban Tech Product to a City?

Yael Malatskey is managing the startup ecosystem at CityZone. She is the person who knows everything about the Tel Aviv technical needs and the kinds of innovative solutions the city would be happy to try and buy. Yael talks about how CityZone operates and how to get there with your startup.
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. Electric Scooters from Israel

A European immigrant to Israel, Raphael Moszynsky is the founder and CEO of Blitz Motors, a company that created the strongest electric scooter in the market. What is so special about Blitz and how can it serve businesses - in our interview. [This content is in Hebrew]
Enabling Miracles

How come we can charge cars using electricity and this does not take forever? How come cars can drive by themselves and know their location at all times? How come we have the world around us all connected? Behind all those innovations lays the connectivity infrastructure, which someone thought of putting there in advance. Dr. Dominique Freckmann who leads Global Automotive Technology and Innovation sector at TE Connectivity sheds some light on how the people who establish infrastructure think and work to enable everything we rely upon today.
Heating It Up In the Autonomous World

One of the key challenges for the autonomous vehicles is to be able to assess the environment correctly in order to be able to come up with an adequate plan. Commonly used sensors such as cameras and lidars help a lot but do not always provide enough data for making decisions. ADASKY developed a unique thermal sensor which relies on aviation industry know-hows and adds some essential information to the sensors' data blend. Yakov Shaharabani, the company's CEO talks about the secrets behind the innovative sensor.
Data for Happiness

The Otonomo Automotive Data Services Platform uses patented technology to ingest, secure, cleanse, normalize, aggregate, and enrich car data from 18 million vehicles. Asaf Weisbrot, the company's Chief Commercial Officer

COMING SOON: How the UK Prepares for the Autonomous Era

The UK's Government's Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CCAV) has asked
the Law Commission to undertake a far-reaching three year review of the UK's regulatory framework for automated vehicles. The aim of the review is to deliver reforms enabling the safe and effective deployment of automated vehicles, including in the context of Mobility as a Service. Jessica Uguccioni, who is the Lead Lawyer for the Automated Vehicles Review talks about how the work has been going and what are the challenges the team is facing.
The EcoMotion Community is Scaling Globally

Our community with over 600 hundred startups is now doing what all the Israeli startups do - scaling globally. Orlie Dahan, the Executive Director of EcoMotion, is talking about that and also uncovers some secrets about the EcoMotion Week 2020.
The Wind of Change

As Wind has changed the scooters across the world, we are speaking with Shahaf Shav Artza Wind Mobility's CM & Representative Director in Israel - about how the company is succeeding in Israel and what next can we expect. [This content is in Hebrew]
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